Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Data Update Summary

Over the past three months we have added a multitude of updated and new datasets to the RIGIS website. Please find a complete list below.

What's new: 

- Quad Neatlines, 2014: These new neatlines are designed for use with the modern US Topo map series being developed by the USGS; the new 2015 US Topos are to be released via RIGIS soon. For instructions on downloading these US Topos please see the last blog posting. 

- Statewide Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) database: This statewide database replaces the old county-based DFIRM datasets.

- Urban Areas: This new boundary dataset highlights densely developed areas delineated by the U.S. Census Bureau, and includes residential, commercial and other nonresidential land uses. 

- School Districts, Elementary, Secondary and Unified: Three separate datasets representing school district boundaries as determined by the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2013-2014 school year. 


- Public Water Supply Reservoirs

- Municipal Boundaries, 1997: A minor change was made to the East Greenwich OSP code from 10 to 9. 

Within the coming weeks, please keep your eyes open for a big announcement from RIGIS! In the meantime, we hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New US Topo Maps for Rhode Island

As you may have seen via Shane's listserv blast earlier today, updated US Topos are available for Rhode Island. 

These 2015 US Topo maps contain an updated symbology, enhanced railroad information, new roads source data and selected public trails. 

During my perusing, I've determined that the best place to download these new Topo maps for RI is here

Using the search menu on the left, users can specify their state, scale and map type. 

This will bring up all US Topos that cover Rhode Island. To download a GeoPDF for a specific quadrangle, simply click on the download icon.

Users wishing to utilize these new Topos in an Esri ArcMap, please refer to this University of Rhode Island, Environmental Data Center blog posting on converting GeoPDFs to GeoTiffs.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Reviving the RIGIS Blog

As promised, here is the first post of the RIGIS blog revival! Over the past month, RIGIS has seen quite a few exciting new datasets, and a few big changes that I want to draw your attention to. 

First, we have two new trails datasets contributed by the RI DEM; the first, "Hiking Trails" shows all hiking trails within state parks and management areas. The second, "North-South Trail," features the ~77 mile long trail that traverses the entire length of the state of Rhode Island. 

Next, we have the new "Active Solid Waste Facilities" dataset, contributed by the RI Statewide Planning program. This highlights locations of active solid waste landfills, transfer stations, composting facilities, agricultural composting facilities and municipal recycling centers throughout the state. 

Another newly featured dataset, is the "National Wetlands Inventory" for Rhode Island. This dataset is created by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and represents approximate location and types of both wetlands and deepwater habitats throughout RI.

Recently, some big changes were made within the "Administrative and Political Boundaries" data download area. These changes were made so that RIGIS users would have a clear understanding of a datasets purpose and vintage, just by reading the title of the dataset. Below, find a quick summary of the changes made:
  • Renamed Datasets:
    • State, Coastline and Town Boundaries --> Municipal Boundaries (1997)
    • Municipalities --> Municipal Boundaries (1989)
    • State Boundary --> State Boundary (1989)
    • Shorelines and Islands --> Shoreline and Islands (1989)
    • Quad Neatlines --> Quad Neatlines (1989)
  • New Datasets:
    • County Boundaries (1997)
    • State Boundaries (1997) 
  • Retired Datasets:
    • Town Lines 
Finally, the most exciting change made to RIGIS, has been the addition of the new RIGIS Standalone Vector Data Geodatabase! This allows users to download all RIGIS vector data at one time, hopefully making lives easier along the way.

Keep an eye out over the upcoming weeks for new dataset highlights and information!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

RIGIS Data Update Summary for March

Over the last several days, a number of new and updated datasets were posted to the RIGIS data distribution clearinghouse.

What’s new:

- Land Use (2011) (contributed by RIDEM and the RI Statewide Planning Program)
- Coastal Waters  (contributed by the RI Statewide Planning Program)
- Hurricane Evacuation Areas (compiled from source data from the US Army Corps of Engineers)


- Roads: RI E-911
- Sites: RI E-911
- Fire Hydrants (contributed by RI E-911)
- Driveways (contributed by RI E-911)
- Soils (contributed by the USDA NRCS Rhode Island State Office)
- Soils: Special Line Features (contributed by the USDA NRCS Rhode Island State Office)
- Soils: Special Point Features (contributed by the USDA NRCS Rhode Island State Office)
- Natural Heritage Areas (contributed by RIDEM, The Nature Conservancy, RI Natural History Survey, URI Environmental Data Center)
- Benchmarks (compiled from source data from the National Geodetic Survey)

Please keep an eye on this blog as a series of short articles highlighting these new datasets are shared over coming weeks.

Monday, November 25, 2013

New 2011 Impervious Surfaces Dataset Now Available from RIGIS

A new dataset representing impervious surfaces in Spring 2011 is now available from RIGIS - look for the new "Impervious Surfaces" record under the "Environment and Conservation" data download area.  Contributed to RIGIS by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, it is available in both the Esri file geodatabase (v10.0) and ERDAS IMAGINE (img) file formats.

For ease of use, 2003-04 Impervious Surfaces dataset has also been re-processed to match the same file formats that its 2011 cousin uses.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Updated Airports and Rhode Island E-911 Datasets Now Available from RIGIS

The Airports dataset available from RIGIS has been tweaked, with the introduction of a new field that helps to distinguish runways and taxiways from other interior polygon features.  The spatial features themselves haven't been changed from how they were originally digitized off 1997 orthophotography.  These data are still categorized under the "Transportation" data download area on RIGIS.

The final updates of the year for data from the Rhode Island Enhanced 911 Uniform Emergency Telephone System are also now online.  As usual, the Roads and Driveways datasets are under the "Transportation" data download area, Sites under the "Facilities" area, and Fire Hydrants under "Utilities".

New Hurricane Sandy storm surge dataset available from RIGIS

A new point dataset representing Hurricane Sandy coastal storm surge heights at a number of locations throughout southern Rhode Island has been published by RIGIS.  Of particular note are the attribute fields that link to photographs that document the condition of each location at the time the data were collected.  These data may be found under the "Elevation and Derived Products" data download area at RIGIS.

To see these data in action, check out this online map.  Try clicking on a point to see more information about each site, as well as any photographs that were taken at the time.